Curriculum Vitæ


Education. I hold a Research Master’s degree from the Paris School of Economics. Prior to that, I studied Economics and Systems Sciences at the University of Graz.

Experience. I am currently working as a Visiting Academic at the University of Southern California. Prior to this, I was an economist at the Institut des Politiques Publiques and the Deutsche Bundesbank. I have also held several research and teaching assistant positions in econometrics, math, and economics at both PSE and the University of Graz.

Tech Skills. I started to write code about 10 years ago by teaching myself. Today I mostly use R, Stata, Matlab, Python, and Visual Basic to work with data. I have profound working knowledge and conducted large projects in each of these languages. Also, I am a huge fan of Git and LaTeX.

Languages. My native language is German, and I am fully proficient in English and French. I am currently working on my Spanish.

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