The Truth about Unemployment (Rates)


“My dear Ludo, nobody tells the truth about unemployment!” This quote of Sir Humphrey Appleby during the last episode of the ingenious series Yes, (Prime) Minister, and its subsequent explanations, are cynical, to say the least. Yet, government officials may very well have an incentive to beat about the bush when it comes to answering questions about the labor market, and their...

Estimation of the Reproduction Rate of Covid-19 using R


A Short Practical Guide to Your Own Updates Key Take-Aways and Skills: Implement the Estimation of the Reproduction Factor of a Communicable Disease on your own System; Technologies: R incl. the EpiEstim-Package; Prerequisites: Fundamental R; Introduction Since Covid-19 has arrived in our countries, the interest in epidemiologic issues has surged. Most of us have developed the habit of checking...

Flexible Web Scraping with Python


An Introduction to the Structure of Websites and Efficient Information Extraction Key Take-Aways and Skills: Understand the Basic Structure of most Websites; Control a Web Browser with your Code; Extract and Store Data for later Analysis; Technologies: Python incl. Selenium, HTML & CSS, XPath, Regular Expressions; Prerequisites: A very basic understanding of Python should suffice (a link to...